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You have landed in the right place if you are seeking the most comfortable and ergonomic workstation, gaming station, work desk or homeschooling desk  on the planet. These workstations were designed by gamers for gamers to overcome the aches and pains associated with long term gaming sessions so our pitch is that if it is good enough for gamers it will tick all the boxes for the perfect workstation as well.

black workstation


We have released the UberWorkStation in all white, all black and four more colour combinations  to go with just about any décor. The UberGamingStation also comes in a stunning red and black combination.

white & black workstation

UberWorkStations & UberGamingStations

White UberWorkStation


or 4 payments of $99.00 with Afterpay

Black UberWorkStation


or 4 payments of $99.00 with Afterpay

White UberGamingStation


or 4 payments of $99.00 with Afterpay

Black UberGamingStation


or 4 payments of $99.00 with Afterpay

Adjustable Height Tables

The combination of the custom designed stitched and shaped polyester beanbag with total back support and the unique tilting shaped workstation desk puts the user in the perfect gaming or work position by allowing a straight line of sight to the computer screen and ideal wrist position in relation to your keyboard and mouse.

The UberWorkStation/UberGamingstation can be adjusted in height from 45cms to 55cms so that the workstation desk sits just above your thighs thereby allowing your elbows to rest on the inclined armrests. This creates the ideal wrist position in relation to the keyboard and mouse. Getting to the ultimate seating position in relation to the tilting desktop height is simply a matter of adjusting the tilting desktop height to one of the 4 set positions on the desk and adjusting the beans in the shaped beanbag to suit your preferred sitting height and reclining angle. There are two adjustment plungers  on the Uberworkstation, one on each side. To adjust the height simply pull on both plungers to release the setting and adjust to your preferred height.

Tired backs, sore shoulders and sore necks are caused by sitting upright at a normal work desk when using a computer for hours on end. Sitting upright in an office  chair is not a natural position for our bodies. Within half an hour our backs become fatigued and we start to hunch over with our upper body weight being supported by elbows on armrests. Once this happens we get aches and pains due to the body being out of alignment.

The workstation and gaming station industries have since inception got it wrong by stipulating the correct sitting position as being upright. The UberWorkStation and UberGamingStation will prove to you that this is fact once you experience long hours seated comfortably in your new workstation or gaming station. By reclining slightly in the shaped and stitched beanbag your back and shoulders will be supported fully in a moulded shape and hence your body weight will be shared by more of your body such as upper thighs and lower back rather than just your backside.

This translates into much reduced shoulder, neck, back and wrist pain. Having your keyboard sit on top of the UberWorkStation or UberGamingStation which in turn sits just above your thighs allows straight wrist touch typing eliminating issues with wrist damage from long term incorrect typing habits.

The UberWorkStation’s enhanced ergonomic seating position in relation to your keyboard, mouse and monitor is the key to what we believe is the most comfortable workstation and gaming station available on the global market today.

These UberWorkStations are finding their way into large companies where staff enjoy the use of the latest and most comfortable workstations available. It is well known that when people seek a job that entails office work one of their first questions regards their new work space. These UberWorkStations will see to it that workers and company directors alike will all enjoy the benefits these awesome work stations bring. Alternating your work position is important for body health and this is why many converts to the UberWorkStation are using these as part of their daily work stations..e.g. stand up desk in the morning and the UberWorkStation for the afternoon shift!

So whether it is a brain storming session with colleagues or co-workers or just another day at the office or an upcoming gaming session that goes on forever, the UberWorkStation and UberGamingStation will seat you in total comfort and style.  If it is seating at an upcoming seminar or expo that you seek then then these work stations are the answer when requiring style and comfort.

The UberWorkStation can even be arranged in your corporate colours subject to minimum order requirements. Please ask us for details.

On an environmental note our custom designed and built Uberworkstation tilting desks and Ubergamingstation tilting desks are Australian Made from  Stylelite MDF which has both sides with either high gloss or matte finish to cover your preference. Stylelite panels are an inert material and don’t release any emissions to the environment during manufacture or use. No volatile organic compounds (voc’s) are released in the manufacturing process.

Your stylelite desktop can be cleaned using a wet microfibre cloth or chamois with a non-abrasive soap. The high gloss finish has a mirror-like finish and can be refurbished using a good quality liquid polish. The matt finish has an untextured finish and provides scratch resistance over the gloss surface and is highly fingerprint resistant.

Uberworkstations also offer a matching mobile PC console that is designed to sit adjacent to the Uberworkstation. The PC console is designed to take the largest of the gaming computer towers.

black workstation
white bean bag

Suitable for all Workplaces

  • banks/mining companies
  • government departments
  • universities/colleges
  • teachers’ staff rooms
  • libraries
  • shared office space companies
  • event companies
  • media/design and creative agencies
  • expos and conference centres
  • telemarketers
  • dentist/doctors’ waitrooms
  • hospitals and allied health centres
  • corporate boardrooms
  • home-offices
  • real estate corporations
  • homeschooling students