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Our custom designed and built UberGamingStation has been designed by Gamers for Gamers and boasts the best ergonomics available for a gaming station presently available on the global market. The UberGamingStation aims squarely to eliminate your aches and pains from sitting at your gaming station for hours on end.

These incredibly comfortable UberGamingStations allow the user to assume a seating position not possible with any other gaming station on today’s market.

The combination of the custom designed stitched and shaped gaming beanbag with the specially shaped tilting gaming desk puts the user in a near perfect gaming or work position whereby the back, shoulders and elbows are supported and a straight line of sight is achieved to the monitor screen. Use of the keyboard and mouse is effortless once you are moulded into the shape made possible in the UberGamingStation.

Tired backs, sore shoulders and necks are all caused by sitting upright at a desk when using a computer screen and keyboard for hours on end. Sitting upright in a chair is not a natural position for our bodies. Within half an hour our backs are fatigued and we start to hunch over with our upper body weight being supported by elbows placed on wrongly positioned armrests. Once this happens we get aches and pains due to the body being out of alignment.

The gaming station industry has for a long time got it wrong when it promotes the correct seating position as upright. Our UberGamingStations overcome this  by allowing the user to recline slightly in the UberBeanbag resulting in moulded support for the shoulders and back. This allows the body weight to be shared by more of the body such as upper thighs and lower back rather than just the backside.

gaming station

Adjustable Table

The adjustable tilting gaming desk when combined with our recommended monitor stand and/or laptop stand will allow you to position your screen in straight line of sight from your seating position.

This all translates into much reduced  shoulder, neck, back and wrist pain. Having your keyboard sit on top of the gaming table which in turn sits comfortably just above your thighs allows straight wrist touch typing which will substantially reduce wrist damage from repetitive keyboard use.

The UberGamingStation’s enhanced ergonomic seating position combined with the specially designed tilting work desk permits a near perfect work or gaming position.

Set yourself up in the UberGamingStation and do your body a favour. You will realise the benefits from day one.

The UberGaming Station includes the shaped beanbag plus the tilting work desk and is available in a variety of colour combination choices below. Please note beanfill is not included for the beanbag.

Ubergamingstation dimensions:
96cms wide x 75 cms deep
45cms to 55cms high (adjustable)

Ubergamingstation console dimensions:
50cms long x 24cms wide x 14cms high.

gaming station