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Today’s office working generation are more than ever seeking improved workplace comfort and healthy alternatives to the traditional desktop and office chair. The endless release of new model adjustable office desks, stand up desks and  modern office chairs is testament to the quest for the ultimate workstation.

Despite the wide array of these new adjustable desks and modern style office chairs available on the market today, all have either concentrated on either the desk OR the chair and not the combined effect on work position comfort .At UberWorkStations our research went into how to achieve the perfect ergonomic seating position in relation to long term use of an office desk where  a monitor, keyboard and mouse are required. The end result is the UberWorkStation and the UberGamingStation which simply have no peer on the workstation market today for comfort, style and ergonomics.

Researched & Tested

During our research and testing phase the results were astonishing……across the board significant reduction in body aches mainly in the neck, shoulders, wrists and back areas. This translates into much improved workplace hours and a more content work force.

If you sit at a normal workstation comprising an office desk and office chair at your workplace the last thing you want to do when you use your computer or laptop at home is to again sit at a standard type workstation….you will feel you are STILL at work. With the UberWorkStation you can get comfy and either complete work at home or take up that gaming challenge.

Range of Colours

Our UberWorkStations and UberGamingStations are available in either all black , all white plus various colour combinations using different coloured edging on the desktops and a variety of beanbag colours. The Ubergaming station also comes in the  combo with  the red /black stitched and shaped  beanbag plus the black workstation adjustable table with or without the red edgebanding.

black bean bag

Suitable for Everyone

At-home bloggers, homeschooling students, authors, content writers, journalists and designers will all enjoy the benefits of improved ergonomics made possible with the new UberWorkStations. The all black and all white models will compliment any home-office, study, loungeroom, rumpus, man-cave or what-have-you. You can even plant yourself on your new UberWorkStation under a shady tree in the backyard or by the pool!

Great for Small to Medium and Large Corporate Businesses

Small, medium and large businesses will see the benefits from promoting workers’ health and workplace satisfaction almost immediately and this will surely be paid back in increased productivity.

The worlds’ coolest workplaces are seeing the importance of maintaining an appealing and healthy workplace area and the UberWorkStation is already on its way to several of these workspaces across the globe. Attracting and keeping highly qualified staff is at the top of the list for any growing corporation. Having the UberWorkStation as part of your workspace will make this task a little easier.

UberWorkStations can arrange your logo on your workstations as well as have them done in your corporate colours. (conditions apply).

The UberWorkStation and UberGaming Station include the shaped and stitched polyester beanbag PLUS the colour matched adjustable shaped workstation desk.

Uberworkstation dimensions:

  • 96cms wide x 75cms deep (desk)
  • 45cm to 55cm high (adjustable)

Uberworkstation console:

  • 50cm long x 24cms wide x 14cms high
computer tower

These ergonomically designed UberWorkStations are suitable for a wide array of workplaces both public and private , some of which are:-

  • banks/mining companies
  • government departments
  • universities/colleges
  • teachers’ staff rooms
  • libraries
  • shared office space companies
  • event companies
  • media/design and creative agencies
  • expos and conference centres
  • telemarketers
  • dentist/doctors’ waitrooms
  • hospitals and allied health centres
  • corporate boardrooms
  • home-offices
  • real estate corporations